Why Is There A Stigma On Bisexuality? Here Are Some Major Stereotypes Bisexuals Face

How would it feel to own individuals tell you that your own sexual orientation is actually “simply a phase”? Or, more serious, this doesn’t exist whatsoever?
Bisexual folks face damaging stereotypes
daily, usually from those who fundamentally misunderstand just what bisexuality is and what it way to determine as bisexual. These stereotypes develop a stigma around bisexuality, that could discourage bi individuals from being released — which, in turn,
results in lower representation
, more stereotypes, and much more stigma. Its a vicious period that plays a role in both
bi-erasure and bi-phobia
, plus it has to prevent.

Brand new news company Attn: created videos about stereotypes of bisexuality aided by the tagline, ”
It’s time to conclude the stigma around bisexuality
.” The producers put together movies from a number of online sources where bisexual men and women speak about their particular encounters, including the prejudice they face both within and without any LGBT area.

A 2013 study from Pew Research Center discovered that
bi individuals are much less out
than lesbian and homosexual folks. While 71 percent of lesbians and 77 % of homosexual guys are out over people near to all of them, only 28 per cent of bi men and women can say the exact same. The numbers were even lower for bisexual men, merely 12 per cent of whom are away. The

Los Angeles Times

proposed much of your resistance ahead completely is due to
the stigma that misconceptions surrounding bisexual
. Reporter Emily Alpert demonstrated that closeted bisexuals ”
stopped coming out
because they don’t need to handle myths that bisexuals happened to be indecisive or not capable of monogamy — stereotypes that you can get among straights, gays and lesbians identical.”

In Attn: movie, bisexual individuals explain a number of the stereotypes they’ve experienced. One woman checks out a comment that bisexuals are “doing it for interest.” Others cite the widely used myth that bisexuality simply isn’t real, and this bi people are just homo- or heterosexual individuals who are “simply baffled” or going right through a “phase.” Additionally, there is a prevalent label that bi everyone is susceptible to cheating. One woman points out just how ridiculous that presumption is actually, saying, “that renders no good sense. What does your own sex pertain to your own moral compass?”

The movie stops with a clip of actress Anna Paquin getting interviewed by Larry King. Paquin is going as bisexual, and is hitched to one, two details that, with each other, King appears to have just a little problems grasping. The guy asks if the woman is a “non-practicing bisexual” (whatever that truly means), that she reacts, “I’m married to my better half, so we are gladly, monogamously hitched.” He asks, “however


bisexual?” Paquin, with admirable determination, reacts, “Well, Really don’t consider it is a past tight thing.”

Removing reductive stereotypes about bisexuality could go a considerable ways toward ending the stigma that helps to keep countless bisexual folks in the dresser. The fact that in 2016 some individuals still don’t think bisexuality


is actually, honestly, ridiculous. Enjoy the video above to learn about a few of the additional stereotypes that bi individuals have to deal with.



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