The entire way takes about 1 hour.

1. At Shinjuku Station

Please take the JR Yamanote line located at Platform No. 15.
Please then get off at Ikebukuro station (150 yen and 10 min).
Please take the outer track, as it is more time efficient.

2. At Ikebukuro Station

Please change to the Tobu Toju Line at Platform No. 1 or 2, and then get off at Wakoshi station.
The ticket price is 240 yen, and the trip length will vary from 13 min (rapid express) to 21 min (local).

3. At Wakoshi Station

Now you have arrived at our city. We recommend that you take a taxi (about 800 yen and 10 min) to reach us. Please show the taxi driver the following address.
理化学研究所 研究交流棟

4. Inside RIKEN
Please register yourself at the West Gate of RIKEN as a visitor.
We would like to kindly remind you to use the taxi to reach the Cooperation Center. Our lab is a bit far away from the west gate.

5. In Cooperation Center
We are on the 5th floor in Room 513. Welcome!

Map of Shinjuku Station (to Ikebukuro, JR Yamanote Line)

Map of Ikebukuro Station (from Shinjuku Station, JR Yamanote Line)
Map of Ikebukuro Station (to Wakoshi Station, Tobu Tojo Line)

Tobu Tojo Line