Simplified instruction in PDF

1. JR Yamanote-line outbound train
(Tokyo (Platform No. 5) -> Yurakucho: fee, 130 yen; duration, 2 min.)
2. Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-line
(Yurakucho (Platform No. 2) -> Wakoshi: fee, 270 yen; duration, 37 min.)

At JR Tokyo station, buy a 130-yen ticket and take a outbound train of Yamanote-line at platform No. 5. Train of Yamanote-line has a silver body with light green stripe. Get off a train at the next stop, Yurakucho station. It takes just 2 min.

Yurakucho station
Go out the JR Yurakucho station through “Kyobashi exit” . Turn right, then, you will find stairs to a ticket gate of a subway Yurakucho-line in front of you. The logo of subway, Tokyo Metro, is white M on light blue background. Get a 270-yen ticket and take a train going to “Wakoshi”, “Kawagoeshi”, “Shinrin Koen”, or “Shiki” at platform No. 2. Trains going to “Kiyose”, “Tokorozawa”, “Hannnou”, and “Kotesashi” don’t take you to Wakoshi station because the line splits at Kotake Mukaihara station. Simle way to check if you are going in a right direction is to check if station number counts down from Y18 at Yurakucho station to Y01at Wakoshi station. All the Tokyo Metro’s stations are labeled with a capital letter of a line and a number.

Route 2

1. JR Yamanote-line inbound train
(Tokyo -> Ikebukuro: fee, 190 yen; duration, 22 min.)
2. Tobu Tojo-line
(Ikebukuro -> Wakoshi: fee, 240 yen; duration, 12 or 21 min.)

It is also O.K. to take a Yamanote-line train going opposite direction. You don’t need to change trains, because Yamanote-line is circular. In this case, get off at Ikebukuro station. From Tokyo to Ikebukuro, it takes 22 min. and you pass 11 stations.

Ikebukuro station
At JR Ikebukuro station, go out through “Central gate 1” or “Central gate 2”, then, walk a passage to West. You will find ticket gates of Tobu Tojo line on both sides in a couple of minutes.
All trains stop at Wakoshi station except for trains going to “Narimasu” and TJ Liner. It takes 21 min. with a local train and 12 min. with express and semi-express trains to come to Wakoshi. We recommend you to choose express or semi-express trains.

Trains of all the lines are running very frequently (every several minutes), so there is no need to plan connection of trains except in the case of traveling at very early (before 7 am) or late ( after 11 pm) period of time. Adding about 20 min. to a net traveling time would be enough.

Full route map of Tokyo Metro
Tokyo Metro
JR East Railway
Tobu Line (Tobu Tojo Line)